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In Queensland, it's almost imperative to have functional and efficient Air Conditioner systems to make the long, warm, high humidity summers comfortable, especially for those who are catering to the comfort of their guests, residents and tenants.

Kleen and Co work with Hotels, Body Corporate, Serviced Apartments, Shopping Centres, Schools, Office and Commercial Complexes to meet all of their Commercial Air Conditioner Cleaning requirements.

Servicing Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, Kleen and Co will arrange a team to attend your site and give all of the Air Conditioning units on your premises a deep, thorough clean. 

Recognising the ongoing importance of keeping Air Conditioning systems hygienic is essential to any business, especially those who value the health of their visitors and guests.

Keeping the units you have installed free of mould, bacteria, mildew, fungi spores, germs, dust and dirt is important for many reasons.


Not only are they things that no one wants to breathe in, but they can cause asthmatic and allergic reactions in some people. 

Another important factor to consider aside from health benefits, is the short term and long term economic impact that servicing units properly can have for your business.

Humidity in itself can cause havoc with breeding mould and mildew, which is an unavoidable part of the Queensland

climate, and an ideal breeding ground for for microbial growth.

Neglecting Air Conditioning systems eventually lowers efficiency, which often results in increasing power costs, and can even cause damage and breakdown, or the need for expensive repairs, that would often be unnecessary if the correct cleaning had been carried out.

Clean, well serviced Air Conditioning units give better air quality, higher performance, increased energy efficiency, reduced running costs and longer overall system lifespans,

Kleen and Co will ensure that your Air Conditioning systems have all necessary components cleaned thoroughly, rather than a quick exterior clean and wipe over, because they know that a looking clean and being well cleaned are just not the same thing.

If you are looking for the best team to take care of your Commecial Air Conditioner Cleaning requirements, please get in touch with Kleen and Co for an obligation free quote and discussion.



It’s always a pleasure working with Steve and the team at Kleen and Co. Their planning and level of organisation means that jobs are completed in a timely, structured and highly skillful and competetent manner.


Grant & Bec Cassidy

Owners- Empire Hotel, Rockhampton


Kleen & Co have cleaned and serviced our Building's Air Conditioners (over 100) for the past 3 years now. Each time the work has been completed professionally. Steve, John and the team are easy to work with and are very professional.


Bernie  W

North Lakes


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