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Kleen and Co are known as the Deck Rejuvenation specialists by many families and businesses across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, for not only their skill, service and efficiency in this field, but also for their passion and great advice on care and maintenance.


Whether sitting outside for your morning tea or coffee, entertaining friends and family poolside, or enjoying a meal together, a quintessential part of the Queensland lifestyle is enjoying the relaxed pace of lifestyle on the privacy of your deck.

As a quintessential part of Queensland lifestyle, your deck is an area that you no doubt use often for entertaining, barbeques or simple enjoying the view with your morning coffee.

Unfortunately, frequent foot traffic, sun and weather exposure, spills, stains, dirt and stains from pot plants and scuff marks from outdoor furniture can have a huge impact on the look and appearance of your deck.

For commercial spaces such as restaurants, pubs and clubs who have a deck to maintain, the challenges can be even greater, with a much higher amount of traffic and frequency of spills or accidental damages.

This is why regular care and maintenance of your deck is so important if you wish to keep it looking it's absolute best.

Kleen and Co understand that it's easy to overlook the ongoing care and upkeep of this space, and offer a range of solutions to bring yours back to life, using superior quality oil and stains, after removing anything that will impede the finish.

Their specialist team is also able to replace or repair any loose decking boards, and clean or repair surrounding fixtures such as fencing, wooden walkways, balustrades, stairs, pathways, jetty surfaces, railings, gates and outdoor shutters.

Depending on how long it's been and the current state of your deck, Kleen and Co can organise a complete Restore or Rejuvenation if required, or just help out with an annual Refresh and any minor maintenance,

The team are also able to take care of any other external surfaces with a dedicated High Pressure Clean to restore and refresh every outdoor surface while attending.

This can include driveways, external surfaces, tiling, pool enclosures, brickwork and pathways, so you can sit back and enjoy your property at it's very best!

Kleen and Co will restore the sheen and shine of your deck and ensure you have expert advice to follow to keep it in optimum condition between visits.

To book an obligation free quote, get in touch with us today and we will attend to assess the right level of care for your deck at a times that is convenient to you.



Steve was extremely informative and professional.


All of his team were great. From the quote to the finished job everything has been without fault.



Leanne D



Steve, John and the team were absolutely wonderful to deal with. True to their word, efficient and effective with everything from their initial contact, ongoing communication and completing our decking and patio revive and staining. We would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks team!                    ❞

Joan  B



Friendly, and most importantly, the job was completed to a high quality in an efficient manner.


They also gave good advice on how to maintain the deck.


Jonathon K

Kenmore Hills


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