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Kleen and Co offer a high level of quality and efficiency in the area of Hospitality Detail Servicing across Brisbane and surrounding South East Queensland localities.

Having worked with leading brands with stringent service levels, they are  highly experienced in meeting and exceeding the standards that are essential in this area of Commercial Cleaning.

Kleen and Co's dedicated Hospitality Detail Servicing offers business solutions to family restaurants, hotels, drive thru's, fast food establishments, pubs, clubs, sports bars and beer gardens offering:

  • Indoor High Pressure Cleaning of floors in service areas, dining areas, kitchens, storage spaces and bathrooms

  • High Pressure Cleaning of windows and roofs

  • Outdoor High Pressure Cleaning of driveways, drive-thrus, car parks outdoor seating areas and play equipment

  • Complete cleans and minor repairs of playground and equipment

  • Additional services such as graffiti removal and elimination of difficult stains and substances

  • Commercial Deck Maintenance and Rejuvenation in venues with wooden decking  

Extensive training is given to Kleen and Co's dedicated Hospitality Detail Servicing team to meet all quality control benchmarks, using their knowledge of all necessary requirements to ensure each site is left in a spotless and hygienic state.

Additional care is given to "minor" details that the untrained eye could overlook, things that Kleen and Co know make all of the difference to a guest experience or required service standard. Giving great attention and due diligence in these areas, while also completing tasks in a timely and highly efficient manner, is part of the Kleen and Co difference.

It's the confidence in knowing that their team will consistently meet the most thorough hygiene, service and quality benchmarks with each attendance that have made them a valuable asset to numerous leading hospitality brands.

Kleen and Co work with your business as part of your team, comprehensively understanding the needs of your business, so you can focus on what you do best, while they take care of your Hospitality Detail Servicing.


Offering complete or integrated business solutions for your venues, they are also able to  meet any additional, emergency  or occasional needs in the areas of Playground and Equipment InstallationEquipment Detailing and Sanitisation, High Pressure Cleaning or Commercial Deep Cleaning.

Kleen and Co welcomes your enquiry to further discuss assisting you with your Hospitality Detail Servicing requirements.


Kleen and Co Hospitality Detail Servicing

Kleen and Co Hospitality Detail Servicing

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Ongoingly impressed by the exceptional standard of delivery, efficiency and level of professionalism that Kleen & Co bring to their work in our restaurants.

Absolutely recommend their work.



Steve Flook

McDonald's Northern Brisbane Franchisee


Perfect communication and punctuality.

Well informed and honest advice.


High level of professionalism.

Would not hesitate to recommend!


Rae G

Meridian Plains


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